GIS Help Center

We here at the GIS Help Center are ready to assist any researcher, faculty, staff, or student in the University of Texas system with mapping, data analysis, remote sensing, and certain programming tasks.

We want to know how we can help YOU met your research and educational goals!

Email us at UTDallasGIS [@] or come see us in GR 3.514.



Q. What are some of the computer programs your students work with?

A. ESRI products, QGIS, R, Python, VB.Net, among others

Q. I just need a simple map; is that possible?

A. Yes, we can assist with map production to fit your specifications.

Q. I need a couple students longer term; is that a possibility?

A. Yes!  We will work closely with you to match students with your needs.

Q. Are the services at the GIS Clinic free?

A. All students have volunteered their time for our GIS Clinic and expect no compensation.  However, if compensation is possible, the student volunteer is able to accept.

Q. I am publishing a paper and need mapping assistance; can I give credit to the student who assisted me?

A. Yes!  We encourage recognition of our students’ work in all publications they assist with.


Any other questions or to inquire for assistance:

Email us at UTDallasGIS [@]