MS & PhD Final Projects/Theses/Dissertations



Summer 2017

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Spring 2017

Catherine Rowley: A Flood Risk Determination Tool: Using ArcMap to Enhance Flood Risk Communication (Advisor: Dr. Chastain)

Mary Smith: Spatial Dimensions of Nipah Viral Encephalitis: Mapping and Modeling an Emergent Zoonosis (Advisor: Dr. Kim)

Keyur Kulkarni: Mapping Potential Jaguar – Human Conflict in Guyana using Presence Only Data (Advisor: Dr. Cummings)

Benjamin Kennady: The Effects of Fire on Indigenous Landscapes in Guyana (Advisor: Dr. Cummings)


Fall 2016

Heba Baamour: Rainfall and vegetation: which one is more important for sedimentation? (Advisor: Dr. Qiu)

Yiqi Dong: Mapping Urban Green View: A Vector-based 3-D Batch Modeling Approach (Advisor: Dr. Qiu)

Husham Mohamed: Exploring The Collin County Appraisal District Database with a Web Based GIS (Advisor: Dr. Tiefelsdorf)


Summer 2016

Ognjen Colakovic: Socio-economic and demographic characteristics of the population surrounding National Priority List sites in Florida

Cheng Zhang: A study on matching strategies and algorithms for hyperspectral image analysis

Jay Sreedharan: Can Oil Companies Protect the Environment?  Using Species Distribution Models to Prevent Impacts on Lesser Praire Chicken Habitats (Advisor: Dr. Cummings)


Spring 2016

Vaishnavi Ravichandran: A human-wildcat conflict reporting system: a case study for Guyana using mobile/web technology (Advisor: Dr. Cummings)

Shakiba Morvarid: Developing a GIS tool for flood management (Advisor: Dr. Chastain)

Labanya Banerjee: Studying the effect of temperature and land use on surface urban heat islands: a case study of downtown Dallas (Advisors: Drs. Qiu & Cummings)

X. Zhou: On the development of a web-based 3D indoor navigation system for the UT-Dallas (Advisor: Dr. Yuan)


Fall 2015

Omar Ahmed: Residential Segregation Patterns for Travis County, 1990-2010 (Advisor: Dr. Tiefelsdorf)

Mellissa Kinzer: An Evaluation of NDWI to Predict Wildfire Risk (Advisors: Drs. Cummings and Chun)

Miranda Davenport: Binary Logistic Regression for Mayan Site Prediction (Advisor: Dr Chun)



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