Scholarships & Fellowships

Below is a sample of the scholarships and fellowships. For more information about a fellowship, click on its title. For questions about these or generally how to find fellowships, contact the Office of Graduate Studies or your advisor.




Gamma Theta Upsilon Scholarships (Members only – Applications due June 1)

Cartography and Geographic Information Society (CaGIS) Scholarship

AAG Grants

US Geospatial Intelligence Foundation Scholarships

SMART Scholarship

NGA Grants & Scholarships

URISA Travel Scholarship for Undergraduates

Scholarship to Attend The Whole Scientist Conference

Postdoctoral to Faculty Transition Fellowship – Wayne State University (Detroit)

International Fellowships

NASA World Wind Europa Challenge




UTD Sponsored:

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Fred Hill Endowed Scholarship Application

Irving J. Hoch Scholarship Application

John Forrest Kain Scholarship Application

Charles C. McKinney Scholarship Application

Officer Bernard F. Parson Scholarship Application

Vibhooti Shukla Graduate Fellowship Application

Keith Lankford Taylor Fellowship Application

Larry D. Terry Scholarship Application